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Street Dance this year will be bumper – Deji Falope

 Deji Falope’s career as a television presenter has been a very smooth and upward looking. Starting from Galaxy Tv, NTA and then to MTN Yello show which gave him instant fame. He later , moved to Soundcity where he had his own show. He currently is the host of Malta Guiness Dance show, which with his hippy sense have created a show youth all over the country are addicted to. Today he is also a successful business with is Bodat Royal Ventures. His smooth life however had a hiccup when his relationship with his former lover Devine Logico, went awry. The break up led to a nasty court case. In this interview, with Hazeez Balogun, Deji could not speak about the relationshio since the case is still in court, but he spoke about his career and life after Devine.
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What is Deji up to these days?
I have been focusing more on the business side of entertainment and media. Of course the MTN Yello Top 10 Countdownwhich I host is still on air every Friday. It is possibly the biggest show on radio world wide (smiles), though it is adjudged the biggest in Africa. My focus now is more business than the shows. I have been traveling quite a bit, securing materials for various clients. Thats it in a nut shell, I have been moving and expanding my operations.
What about Malta Guinness Dance Show?
Oh, that is my baby. I am sure that producers and sponsors are surely working on something very unique that will blow your mind away. Everything is still in the hush for now, but I must tell you that Malta Guinness Dance show has discovered a lot of talents. It has changed the lives of a lot of Nigerian youth. It has shown to Nigerians that Dance is really a viable art. I am glad I am part of that process.
Can you tell us what happened between you and Devine?
Well, that's one story I would rather forget about, lets just say I have learned a lesson that I didn't even know life had a class for. So now, I am very careful about everything and everyone. You also know that the case is in court at the moment, anything I say will amount to contempt of court. I respect the court a lot.
So what are you doing about the whole issue?
I do what I always do when there are issues, I draw closer to God and ask for the lesson so that I don't go through it again, also I share advice from the experience. As they say, if something should cut your head off but only takes off your cap, quietly and calmly thank God, pick up your cap and walk towards home and family.
We heard it is because of your relationship with May 7
Nope, nothing to do with her.

Did you really date May 7?

What kind of a man have you evolved into from your days at Soundcity and now that you are doing your own thing?
More focused and driven, drawing closer to God and realising that family and close friends are more important than anything else, you can lose money and get it back, even entire businesses, but family; that you only get once in a lifetime.

Is it true that you once toyed with quitting the entertainment scene because of the fate befalling some of your colleagues in the industry?
Hmmm. That was just a way of saying the life of my colleagues is more important than anyone's career. I meant, if I had to give up anything to save the life of a colleague in the entertainment industry, I would gladly do it. As they say, if you are alive, then you can do and undo, and since God gives you life, where do you go for the manual to a product. God manufactured me and you so the rest is easy to get guidance from Him.

You once survived a bike accident; how careful has that incident made you now?
Very, but still am riding again. But this will be my final bike, I have cancelled the other purchase I requested, I guess am bored with bikes these days, and the roads would help if they were safer.
Do you still ride powerbikes?
Oohhhh yeahhhhh!!! like the wind, lol. I guess am still a biker at heart, old habits die hard come to think of it.
What are your greatest fears?
Losing my mum, family and friends, and of course, going to Hell.
You must be religious
It is not about being religious. It is about being close to God. In whatever I do I put God first. I believe we all need to get closer to God. Many people  do not really believe that heaven or hell is real. It is real.

What are your impressions about the growing dance culture among Nigerian youths?

Awesome. Not just dance, but entertainment and entrepreneurship in general. Youth have already taken over. Just look at most decision making meetings, na youth dey hire n fire. I guess the youth have taken the economy into our own hands and gotten the education that we require at all costs.

What about your romance with Nollywood as an equipment leasing agent? How well are you getting along in that sphere?
Now, I rather shoot various productions and get the job done, more fun, more money more opportunities to watch youth grow in passion and knowledge.

As a businessman and an entertainer, how would you rate the quality of programmes being aired on Nigerian TV?
Could be a lot better. Tajudeen Adepetu has something up his sleeves. Just when you think it's safe to come out, he drops a bomb that changes the industry. Just like he did with Soundcity SMVA and Blast among others, he is going to do something again soon. In answer, content could be a lot better. I mean that is why DSTV, HITV and the rest don't pay producers as much, but in detail, looking at the business, its booming madly, consider content conferences, Nigeria is among the top 10 across the world, Wale Adenuga Productions has also contributed to that immensely, so in summation, it's kudos and lets call each other higher.
Tell us how it all started, that is from a commuter bus driver to a celebrated TV presenter in Africa?
I will say my story was written by God Himself. I came from a comfortable background but circumstances led us through hard times. At times, I knew I had to drag myself out of the misery, but to do that, there were lots of challenges. I knew I had the talent to be a presenter as I have always had a flair for entertainment, but there was no one to mentor or support me. I remember when I got a deal to present a 10-minute show on DBN, I did not even have money to transport myself to the studio and I had to trek from UNILAG to Victoria Island on the day that was supposed to be my first day on air. It was when I got there that I heard that the programme had been postponed. After a while I decided to refurbish an old rickety bus my mum had and immediately it was road worthy, I took to the streets. I did not even have complete papers and because I was on TV, I would use a face cap to cover my face while driving. But I couldn’t hide myself for long as some passengers would asked are you not the one on television? However, I wouldnt say anything, but just continue the driving. The big break came with MTN Yello and the rest is history.
Thank God that today, I have my own production outfit. We shoot commercials and another television show is on the way. I am still with MTN, I host a radio show for the company, while my deal with Malta Guinness is still running. My family is all abroad, my mom, brother and sister. Looking back, I will say I have been blessed by God, but there is still a lot for me to achieve.
What's the craziest comment or request have you gotten from a fan?
You should marry me instead of (and she calls some other chics name) and she was dead serious. Kinda scary not just crazy.
What's happening to your proposed plunge into the world of music?
Looked into the future and realised that I would rather own entertainment companies, so I am working now in line with future plans. So, it’s better to nurture young talent and I support music and entertainment, thanks to MTN and Malta Guinness for the opportunity to give back. It truly is an honour to serve the youth with such great brands across the world too.

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    31st of March and 1st of march 2013 at the Koga entertainment Studios in Lagos.
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